My name is Sam Cowan and welcome to my blog, The Cowan Corner. Born in Texas, raised in Cincinnati and educated in Nashville, I have lived all over the country and there has been one constant throughout: sports.

The power of sports to inspire and excite has always fascinated me and my passion has only grown over the years. This passion has led me to pursue a career in sports journalism and I feel this blog is an important step in that pursuit.

The primary goal of this blog is to analyze and discuss important news in the world of sports while sometimes putting my own spin on things. Occasionally the blog will dive into the realms of movies or video games when they intersect with sports in some way or if a particular issue on either side catches my interest.

I graduated with a bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Belmont University in May 2016. While at Belmont, I wrote for The Belmont Vision, which was the student paper on campus.

I served as both a senior sports writer and sports editor in my senior year at Belmont. An archive of my articles written for the Vision can be viewed here.

I currently write for The Herald Chronicle in Winchester, Tennessee.

For updates on articles as they are posted and bonus coverage of events, follow @TheCowanCorner on Twitter.