Predicting Week 10 of the NFL season

Hello and welcome back to the Cowan Corner for another week of predictions for the upcoming slate of NFL games.

We’re officially past the halfway point of the season with every team having played at least eight games to this point. However, the playoff picture is still very muddled and this is usually the point in the season where the true contenders begin to separate themselves.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s picks.

Seahawks over Cardinals

How can I pick Drew Stanton to get a win against the fierce Seahawks defense? The answer is that I can’t.

I think this game will be a one-sided squash for the Seahawks as they look to get back into playoff position after a slow start to the season.

Bills over Saints

This has the potential to be one of the most interesting games of the week as the strong defense of the Bills takes on the usually high-powered offense of the Saints.

I think this game could go either way, but I am going to go with the Bills because they will have the advantage of playing this game at home where they are 4-0 so far this season.

Bears over Packers

The Bears have been a feisty team at home this season and even if Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t really panned out at quarterback so far, the Bears are dangerous when Jordan Howard is pounding the ball.

I think Howard should be able to tear through the Packers defense and the Packers won’t be able to do much to respond.

Lions over Browns

The Browns journey to the No. 1 overall pick will continue this week as they will probably get decimated by the Lions this Sunday. There’s not much else to say about this one.

Bengals over Titans

I’m going with the upset pick here because I feel like the struggling Bengals offense matches up well with the defense of the Titans.

The Titans are weak on defense and don’t really have any one who can cover AJ Green who should have a big game this week to lead the Bengals to a win.

Steelers over Colts

The Steelers are coming off a bye week and should be able to crush a weak Colts team which is going nowhere fast.

I expect this game to be probably be over by the time the teams head into the locker room for halftime.

Jets over Buccaneers

The Jets were expected to be at the bottom of the barrel this season, but with a win they can get themselves to .500.

I think they will get there this week against a Buccaneers team which has been a complete disappointment in contrast. The suspension of Mike Evans this week will also not help the Buccaneers chances.

Vikings over Redskins

The Redskins remained in the playoff hunt with a win over the Seahawks last week, but I think they will fall back down to Earth with a loss this week.

The Vikings have been a top team in the NFC so far this season and their defense should be able to shut down the Redskins this week.

Jaguars over Chargers

The old adage is that defense wins championships and if that holds true, the Jaguars have a great chance of winning a championship this season after years as an NFL doormat.

I think the Jaguars are definitely the best team in their division and should be able to continue their path to the playoffs with an easy win over the Chargers this week.

Rams over Texans

The Texans are a team without an identity after injuries to Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt while the Rams seem like a bonafide Super Bowl contender.

I could see this game being fairly one-sided and I really don’t give the Texans much of a chance with Tom Savage at quarterback.

Cowboys over Falcons

The Cowboys surprised many people including myself with a big win over the Chiefs which established them as a major wild-card threat.

I think the Falcons are still off-kilter this season and I think they will struggle this week once again against the Cowboys.

Giants over 49ers

I don’t think the NFL could have booked a less interesting game for this week if they tried because this game has me reaching for the remote just thinking about it.

I guess I’ll pick the Giants to win the battle of the train wrecks because they have shown some life this season, negligible as it may be.

Patriots over Broncos

The Patriots still have a lot of questions to face about their legitimacy after barely beating the Chargers in their last game, but they shouldn’t have much trouble against a Broncos team which gave up over 50 points to the Eagles last week.

Panthers over Dolphins

Who keeps giving the Dolphins prime-time games? Seriously, there is nothing appealing about this team and certainly no reason for them to get three straight night games.

That being said, I expect the Panthers to win and hand the Dolphins a third straight loss in prime-time. Whether it’s Jay Cutler or Matt Moore in at quarterback, the Dolphins are just not a good team.

That does it for this week’s picks. Check back next week for more NFL picks and analysis of the week that was in football.

Week 7: 8-5

Overall: 84-47

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