Predicting Week 4 of the NFL season

Hello and welcome back to the Cowan Corner for another week of predictions for the upcoming slate of NFL games.

You never know what you’re going to get from week-to-week in the NFL and last week was no different as eight games were decided by seven points or less in an exciting week of games.

This week’s slate has some exciting games on paper so we might be in for another fun week of football.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s picks.

Packers over Bears

The Bears have been a frisky team through the first three weeks with the running back duo of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen providing plenty of excitement.

However, the Bears are still far from a complete team and I think the Packers will take care of business in prime time at home.

Saints over Dolphins

The Dolphins seemed to be a team with potential, but then they got destroyed by the lowly Jets and seem lost as a team.

The Saints meanwhile are only 1-2, but their losses so far have been to the Vikings and Patriots who seem like good teams.

I will go with the Saints because their offense should be able to plow over the Dolphins this week.

Falcons over Bills

This turned into a very intriguing game after the Bills pulled off a big upset against the Broncos last week, but I am still going with the Falcons.

If this were up in Buffalo, my pick might be different, but it is difficult to pick against the Falcons in their dome.

Bengals over Browns

One of these teams will be getting their first win of the season after dismal 0-3 starts.

Unfortunately for Browns fans, their team may be the worst in the NFL and I think the Bengals will get in the win column this week.

Rams over Cowboys

I’m going with an upset pick here as I fully expect the Rams to get a win on the road.

The Cowboys haven’t impressed me too much with wins over the Giants and Cardinals while the Rams have been a surprisingly exciting team to watch.

I think the combination of Todd Gurley and Sammy Watkins will continue to impress and lead the Rams to a win on the road.

Vikings over Lions

This is a game between two teams have looked good through the first three weeks and this could actually be an important game down the road in the NFC North.

I think the Vikings will take it in front of their home crowd, but it should be one of the more exciting games of the week.

Patriots over Panthers

I don’t think this game will be even close. Cam Newton and the Panthers as a team are a shell of their former selves and the Patriots have been playing well since losing to the Chiefs in Week 1.

I think this game will be over fairly quickly and should be very one-sided.

Jaguars over Jets

I can’t figure out the Jaguars. They went from destroying the Texans to giving up to 37 points to the Titans and then to killing Joe Flacco in London last week.

For now, I am just certain that their defense is among the best in the NFL and they should have another dominating performance against the weak Jets offense.

Steelers over Ravens

The Ravens are coming off one of their worst performances in years and that combined with having just flown back from London makes me think the Steelers are the clear favorite.

I just can’t see the Ravens slowing Ben Roethlisberger down after getting decimated by Blake Bortles last week.

Texans over Titans

This should be another interesting contest between two division rivals. I’m not expecting many points to be scored in this game and it should be an interesting between two young quarterbacks in DeShaun Watson and Marcus Mariota.

I think this game is basically a coin-flip so I will go with the Texans playing at home to win.

Cardinals over 49ers

This is definitely the game I and probably most of the nation will be skipping out on this week as neither of these teams has anything going for them.

In the unwelcome battle between Carson Palmer and Brian Hoyer, there are no true winner, but I guess I will give the win to Palmer and the Cardinals.

Eagles over Chargers

Early betting lines have the Chargers favored which I can not comprehend. The Chargers are the same unreliable team they have always been and you can always count on them to disappoint.

Combined with the fact that the crowd will probably be mostly Eagles fans, there is no way I can back the Chargers in this game.

Buccaneers over Giants

The Giants nearly won last week, but unfortunately they found a way to take the loss and I think this week will go very similar.

The Buccaneers still have a ton of potential though I don’t think they have realized it quite yet. Maybe a win this week will get them going.

Broncos over Raiders

Both of these teams suffered disappointing losses last week to the Bills and Redskins last week and will be looking to rebound in an important divisional game.

I think this game will be a close one, but I have the Broncos winning with their home-field advantage.

Seahawks over Colts

In what world is this a good Sunday night game? Even prior to the season, this would have come off as a terrible choice and the injury of Andrew Luck just makes the matchup all the worse.

I think the Seahawks will win this one easily at home and if the game isn’t decided by double-digits, I will be a little surprised.

Chiefs over Redskins

Now this is a prime time football game! The Chiefs and Redskins have both been fun teams to watch so far this year and I think this will be a good matchup.

I give the Chiefs the advantage at home, but I could see it going either way. However, I think Kareem Hunt will continue his remarkable rookie season to lead the team to victory.

That does it for this week’s picks. Check back next week for more NFL picks and analysis of the week that was in football.

Week 3: 9-7

Overall: 31-16

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